Perceived Impact of Tourist Products and Prices on Tourism Patronage: A Case of Tourist Centres in Ogun State


Ogungbayi, G. B.; Olugbemi, M. T.; Mufutau, R. A.; Fadipe M. O.; Ilori A. R.; & Oladoja M. A.

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This study examined the perceived effect of tourism product and pricing on patronage of tourist sites from the point of view of tourist centres’ staff. Specifically, the study identified tourism products on offer at the tourist sites, examined the effect of the products and products’ pricing on the sites’ patronage. Convenience sampling was used in selecting the study respondents from 10 popular tourist sites in Ogun State. Structured questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The data were analysed using frequency counts, percentages, charts, measures of central tendency, and Chisquare statistical model. Findings revealed that the Tourist-Oriented Products (TOP) commonly offered by the tourist sites include food & beverages (90%), Museums, Temples, Garden or theme parks (80%), souvenirs outlets (70%), galleries (60%) and tourism information centers (60%). Resident-Oriented Products (ROPs) are rarely offered by the sites. Both Products and Pricing were perceived to have significant effect (p<.0.05) on tourism patronage in the study area. 

Keywords: Staff perception, Tourism products, Pricing, Tourism Patronage, Ogun State