Gender Analysis of Violence, Bullying and Slavery in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Oloukoi, G. O. & Fashakin J.F.

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The issue of workplace violence, bullying and slavery as it relates to gender perspectives have been studied in different countries and industries; however, researches into workplace violence, bullying and slavery in Lagos State tourism and hospitality industry are limited. This investigative but literature review design study identified causes, perpetrators, effects and the coping strategies of the employees subjected to vices, particularly focusing on employees in the Lagos State tourism and hospitality industry. The research was conducted using a qualitative approach. The study findings showed that the perpetrators of workplace violence, bullying and slavery in Lagos State tourism and hospitality workplaces are victim’s superiors, senior colleagues, co-workers and guests. Some of the perpetrators’ behaviours were verbal abuse, sexual harassment, unfair workload and false accusations/blame, and such behaviours contributes to employees’ negative emotions and work performance. The consequences of violence, bullying and slavery in the tourism and hospitality industry include poor psychological health, depression, stress, anxiety, low levels of emotional wellbeing, low job satisfaction, low commitment, reduced work  performance and intention to leave job. Additionally, findings showed that the employees coped with the situations by observing people’s mood and character, through perseverance and ability to observe pressure; by being calm in the situation and not responding disrespectfully; by avoiding unnecessary argument; and by discouraging any form of violence and slavery in a tourism and hospitality industry. The study concluded that violence, bullying and slavery is real and happening in the tourism and hospitality industry of Lagos State, Nigeria and must be curbed. The study recommends that, to prevent violence, bullying and slavery in the hospitality industry, organizations should develop and implement a clear cut policy on preventing and dealing with these vices which shall zero tolerance to all form of violence, bullying and slavery behavior at work

Keywords: Gender analysis, Workplace violence, Workplace bullying, Workplace slavery, Tourism and Hospitality Industry