The Role of Contract Service Personnel on Quality Service Delivery


Fashakin Juliette. F; Iyiade Adedamola. T; Osho Adegbenga. S; Jammal Taiwo M; Olorunfemi
Adewunmi A; Awotimayin Opeyemi E; Osholonge Adeyinka M

Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. 

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The continuous decline in the performance of hotels due to humongous responsibility and the
associated cost of hiring the right and qualified staff calls for urgent attention of researchers. The
study examines the role of contract service personnel on quality service delivery. The specific
objectives are to determine the role of contract service personnel on quality service delivery; and to ascertain the difference in the cost of recruiting full time staff and engaging contract service
personnel. The study uses a descriptive cross-sectional approach where data was collected at a
particular point in time from different staff of the hotels under study. Regression Model and
independent t-test was employed using quantitative data. Arisen from the analysis of this study, it was revealed that contract service personnel propel more customer patronage in the hotel industry; and the cost of engaging contract service personnel is cheaper compared to the cost of recruiting full time staff. Arisen from the findings of the study, the researchers recommended that management of hotels should ensure that contract service personnel are encouraged and engaged because they are vital mechanisms for patronage of hotel products; and Hotel management should consider engaging contract service personnel in the aspect of interpersonal relation, communication to the customers, and allow the contract service personnel to mediate between the hotel and their customers

Keywords: Contract Service, Personnel, Quality Service Delivery