Organizational Conflict and the Performance of Hotels in Alimosho LGA, Lagos State, Nigeria


Afuye, Oluseeke Folake

Department of Hospitality Management, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria


Conflict is a fact of life in any organization as long as people compete for job, resources, power
recognition and security. This study was undertaking to examine the causes, effect and strategy on how to manage conflict effectively to enhance organizational performance. Five hotels in Alimosho Local Government in Lagos state were used for the study. Structured questionnaire was the major instrument for data collection as both primary and secondary data were used. This study discovered that conflicts occur in hotel organizations as a result of scarcity of resources, poor planning, competition and performance criteria amongst others. If conflict is not well and timely managed, it can lead to low productivity. This study also discovered that occasionally conflict produces positive result, if it is well managed. Accordingly, it is recommended that organization should pay attention to the conflicting parties and negotiate between the parties involved in the conflict what should be adopted in resolving conflict while force should not be used in resolving conflict 

Keywords: Conflict, Management, Organization, Performance, Productivity