Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employees’ Efficiency in Hotel Industry


Fashakin Juliette. F; Iyiade Adedamola. T; Osho Adegbenga. S; Jammal Taiwo M; Olorunfemi
Adewunmi A; Awotimayin Opeyemi E; Osholonge Adeyinka M

Lagos State University of Science and Technology, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Corresponding Author Email: oshoadegbenga@yahoo.com


The continuous decline customers’ return is mainly due to poor employees’ efficiency which is as a
result of poor job satisfaction. The study examines the impact of job satisfaction on employees’
efficiency in hotel industry. The objectives of the study are to ascertain the relationship between Job Satisfaction and employees’ efficiency; and to determine the effect of incentives such as holidays, flexible work hours, healthcare, promotion, and leave on Job Satisfaction of employees. For the purpose of this study a descriptive design was adopted. Spearman’s rho model and Logit Binary regression model were used to test hypotheses of the study. The study revealed that there is significant relationship between Job Satisfaction and employee’s efficiency which is achievable through flexible work hour, Staff promotion, Adequate health care provision including the granting of Annual leave. Arisen from the findings of the study, it is recommended that Hotels should encourage flexible working hours, Staff promotion, Adequate health care provision including granting of leave as at when due in order to improved their efficiency

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Efficiency, Hotel Employees, Incentive, Flexible working hour