A Conceptual Review of Urban Security Issues Affecting Hospitality and Events Businesses


Akerele, Edward1 & Oloukoi, Grace2

1 PhD Student, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Lead City University, Ibadan Nigeriaa

2 Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria

Correspondent e-mail: edwardakerele@gmail.com


Studies have shown that security and safety issues are very critical to events and hospitality
businesses. This paper provides a conceptual review of the nexus between safe, secured urban
environment and the prosperity of tourism and hospitality industry with a focus on analyzing what the body of knowledge and theories uphold. A thematic review approach is used to identify the trends and patterns of arguments on criminality incentives, safety of guests and host communities and perceived elements of personal safety and organizational safety. It is evident that events and hospitality business provides potentials incentives and disincentives for criminality across urban space.

Keywords: Urban, Security, Event and Hospitality Business, Criminality Incentives